Beginner's Guide

Sports Card Terms

Wax - Factory sealed boxes which contains sealed packs that contains cards.

Sets - The variations of cards within a certain sport. For example, Panini NFL has different sets such as Mosaic, Prizm, Absolute... etc. Each contains cards with the same players but with different artwork, appearance, and values.

Packs - Units which contain different amount of cards depending on sport and set chosen.

Breaks - The opening of the boxes or packs online, which the content will be shipped to the buyer.

Slabs - Cards that are graded by grading services such as PSA, Beckett... etc. Graded cards have much higher value compared to naked raw cards.

Personals - The buyer maybe purchase any wax / packs of their choice. All of the cards contained in the wax / packs will be sent to the buyer regardless of teams.

Team Break - Event which customers are randomly assigned a team(s), and one or multiple boxes/packs will be opened. The cards from the team that the buyer was assigned will be shipped to them.

PYT - Pick Your Team. Customer purchases their spot in a NBA or NFL team (each at different prices depending on the team's popularity, card values, etc.). The boxes will be opened and cards of the player's team will be sent to the customer.

Slab War, Pack War, Box War- When 2 or customers pay half each for the price of a slab, pack or box. The 2 names of the customers will be added into random. org and randomized. Whoever ends up in spot 1 wins the war. This can also be done with more than 2 people. We have ran 40 pack, pack wars before!


How Breaks Work

Join us on our live stream on Instagram @thecoffeebreakers, live daily from 11AM to 3AM. From there you will be able to interact with our team. Once the breaks are filled the boxes/packs will be opened on stream for you to see the cards that will then be shipped to the customers.


Card Grades

A card's grade can heavily impact its value. For example, a card of a NBA Player may be worth $50 without a grade. However, if the card receives a grade of 9, the value may increase to $200. If the card receives a grade of 10, the value may then jump to $500. 

Cards can be graded by different grading companies, including PSA, Beckett, and SGC. Here at Cards and Coffee, we provide submission services to help you submit your card to PSA to receive a grade. For more information, please contact us on Instagram or through email.


How to Navigate the Site

1. Choose the category of events in which you'd like to participate in (Personals, Team Reveals, PYT, etc).

2. Choose the specific reveal with the set that you'd like to participate in.

3. Add item to cart and Checkout!

4. Come on to the live stream @thecoffeebreakers on Instagram and see our team rip your packs!