2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Packs

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Packs

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Packs

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2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Base / Variations

The black borders of '71 are gone as 2021 Topps Heritage Baseball turns the focus to the 1972 Topps Baseball design.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 3

The 500-card set features 400 base cards and 100 short prints for cards #401 to #500. These SP cards average 1:3 packs.

There are also multiple parallels to chase, including several that are exclusive to the Hobby format, such as Black Border (50 copies) and Flip Stock (5 copies).

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 4

As usual, the Chrome versions highlight 100 players from the base set.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Base Chrome Parallel Breakdown


Chrome Parallels


  • Hot Box Refractor (Hobby/Blaster)
  • Refractor - #/572
  • Red Border - #/372
  • Black Border - #/72
  • Gold Border - #/5 (Hobby)
  • SuperFractor - 1/1

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 5


Also jumping around the 2021 Topps Heritage Baseball checklist are the Mini editions (#/100) and a few different variations.

While Topps mentioned "more unannounced surprises," they did confirm the return of Action Images (Hobby only), plus limited Nickname Variations and ultra-rare Throwback Uniforms variations.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Inserts

Heritage MLB switches the design every year, but the inserts themselves are largely consistent. Collectors can find the standard options, such as Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashbacks, which both focus on the action from '72. New Age Performersidentifies 25 current stars that have exceeded some of the all-time greats. Another choice is Then and Now, which pits the past and present in a head-to-head cardboard battle.

The lone new insert is The Great One. This 21-card set is just for MLB legend Roberto Clemente.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Autographs

The hits in 2021 Topps Heritage Baseball are likely familiar to collectors, especially the Real One Autograph line. These boast on-card signatures for players of today and yesterday. Joining the main lineup, the selection includes Real One Special Edition, hand-numbered to 72 and signed using red ink, and hand-numbered Real One Dual Autographs (#/25 or less) and Real One Triple Autographs (#/5) cards. These multi-signed inserts are only found in Hobby boxes.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 6

Texas fans can look forward to Rangers Inaugural Season Autographs. The set highlights players from the debut squad and all signed cards are capped at 100 copies or less.

Other options include one-of-one 1972 Baseball Cut Signatures and 1972 Celebrity Cut Signatures.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Relics / Auto Relics

As for the memorabilia card assortment, there are a few Clubhouse Collection Relic versions. Beyond the main game-used uniform or bat set, there are hand-numbered Dual(#/72), Triple (#/25) and Quad (#/10) cards. The one-of-one Patch parallel for all four sets is exclusive to Hobby. The single-player relic series adds a Gold parallel, numbered to 99 or less, as well.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 7

Look for on-card signatures in Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics (#/25 or less), Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics (#/10 or less - Hobby) and Flashbacks Autographed Relics. These hand-numbered hits offer one-of-one Patchparallels only found in the Hobby format.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 8

Coin collectors can check out the Hobby-exclusive 1972 Mint cards. These offer Nickel(#/15), Dime (#/10), Quarter (#/5), or Half-Dollar (1/1) coins embedded in the card. If you prefer stamps to coins, 2021 Topps Heritage Baseball has you covered with 1972 U.S. Postage Stamp Relics (#/50).

Featuring original Roberto Clemente cards that are foil-stamped, The Great One Buybacks brings collectors direct reminders of his cardboard legacy with Topps.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Box Toppers

Adding one final piece to the puzzle, 2021 Topps Heritage Baseball maintains the tradition of Hobby box toppers. Oversized 1972 Topps Baseball honors 50 base subjects with jumbo cards limited to 1,000 copies apiece. There are also hard-signed cards numbered to 25 or less.

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Cards 9

Averaging 1:2 boxes, the 1972 Topps Baseball Posters set uses the '72 posters for inspiration.

And the final option is 1972 Topps Baseball Originals. The buyback series, also falling in every other box, features original 1972 Topps cards with an added foil stamp.

Release Date: March 26, 2021
Product Configuration: 9 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2021 Topps Heritage Baseball Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Autograph or Relic Card

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