1994 Bowman's Best Baseball Hobby

1994 Bowman&

1994 Bowman's Best Baseball Hobby

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1994 Bowman's Best is a 200-card set that is a hybrid of Topps' successful Bowman and Finest lines. The set consists of 90 veteran stars, 90 rookies and prospects and 20 Mirror Image cards. The veteran cards have red fronts and are designated R1-R90. The rookies and prospects cards have blue fronts and are designated B1-B90. This is the first instance of Topps' "Red/Blue" numbering scheme that has became commonplace in future Bowman sets.

The 20 Mirror Image cards feature a veteran star and a prospect matched by position in a horizontal design. These cards are numbered X91-X110. Subsets featured are Super Vet (R1-R6), Super Rookie (R82-R90), and Blue Chip (B1-B11).

Notable Rookie Cards include Billy Wagner, Chan Ho Park, Jorge Posada and Edgar Renteria.